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Taxpayer Advances up to $6000

January 01, 2020

This year, our bank is offering up to $6,000 in taxpayer advances.  No need to fret that the government is shut down and IRS workers are refusing to come to work.  We can help!

1040 Tax Preparation

Call me for your tax preparation needs. I specialize in helping individuals and small business owners to minimize their tax liability and maximize their refunds. All of the returns prepared are electronically filed to ensure the timely remittance to the IRS. In addition, to aid in expediting your refund for individuals, we offer bank transfers in the form of direct deposit, a check is printed in our office or a deposited to a VISA debit card.

Bookkeeping Support

January 01, 2020

Are you self employed and don't have your numbers in order to file your return?  We can help.  With our catch-up bookkeeping support, we will get your books organized for the minimum tax liability.

Getting your Refund

You can get your refund the way you want it.  Via direct deposit to your checking, savings or debit card, an tax office issued debit card or a check!  You name it we can do it!

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