Earn $175-$400 per tax return in just 10 minutes or less

If you are a natural born leader, enjoy meeting new people and have a passion for numbers, this opportunity is for you! As  Full Service Partner, you will work with individuals and/or small business owners to bring financial balance to your lives and create an opportunity for your to maximize your earnings potential with an expanded service line.

Now this is how you start a business! 

  • Build, Build, Build we have the foundation and as your partner it is at your disposal. Be it tax help or bookkeeping support. Your assistants are ready and available to help you.

  • Get industry leading support and training

  • Build a team of Tax Time Partners

  • Get Marketing Support

  • We will help you plan, develop and implement your business for your target market

  • Do what you love  

Why our Partners Succeed?  They work their business not in their business. 

As a T2 Full Service Partner,  using our software, you'll  able to  offer you clients accurate tax preparation and tax payer advances up to $5000, refunds by check  in days or direct deposit or debit card.  You simply ask the client key details, upload documents and our experienced processor will begin the return within 5 minutes guaranteed.  No delays, you will know who is working the return and will be able to converse with your processor.   We offer an Error free Guarantee processing.  Its simple less work for your and more time to build your business.

  • We prepare the returns

  • No Store-Front, our office are available if needed

  • Year-Round Client Support

  • We handle the tough questions

  • In-season Support

  • Ability to Focus on Growth vs. Operations

  • Add services to your existing client base



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