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Don’t Let Your Small Business Dream Become a Nightmare

Running a Small Business Shouldn’t Be Difficult:


Let me ask you...

Has running your own business turned into a nightmare?

Maybe you’re just starting out and you’re overwhelmed by all the rules and regulations.

Or you were turned down for a bank loan because your financial records weren’t adequate.

Or…scariest of all…you got a letter from the IRS saying you owed back taxes.


(Not to mention dealing with COVID-19…we’ll talk about that later.) 

You need help…but from who? 


The big accounting and tax firms? You’re not even a blip on their radar.


At best they’ll assign your account to their newest associate so they can “get their feet wet”. And they’ll probably just offer you a cookie-cutter package of services instead of a customized solution and personalized service.


There’s a better solution for you…and your small business.

Why You Need T2 Bookkeeping and Tax Service

What makes us the best choice for your business?


  • We’re a small business…just like you

We understand both the rewards and challenges or running a small business.

  • Custom bookkeeping and tax solutions for your business

There are no “one size fits all” solutions for small businesses. We provide a customized solution and personal service.

  • Affordable prices

    We have competitive and affordable rates for small businesses like yours. And you won’t pay for anything you don’t need.

  • Expertise

    We’ve provided customized bookkeeping and tax solutions for small businesses for twelve years. Our experts are certified by QuickBooks® and XERO®.

Our Standard Services Include:


  • Monthly bookkeeping

  • Estimated tax voucher preparation

  • Annual state and federal tax preparation

  • Secure electronic document storage and transmittal

  • Semi-annual financial review


Our bookkeeping and tax solutions for small businesses start as low as $75/month. And as your company grows, we can continue to provide the services you need. 


So What Should You Do?


We know this is a big step. Your business is important to you. 


We want to make your decision easy…because we know we can help you achieve your small business dream.

So…to start…we’d like to offer you a Free Initial Consultation.

Before you decide to use our services, let’s talk about your business needs. At no cost or obligation for you.

And if you decide to give us a try, you get…

  • Free new account setup ($400 value)

    We create a bookkeeping system to fit your business needs…and we give you four hours of free training so you know how to use it.


  • Free Quickbooks® for six months ($800 value)

    Stop trying to run your business using spreadsheets or pen-and-paper.

    As registered Quickbooks® partners, we can offer you a free six month trial of the world’s top small business financial software.

That’s $1200 in direct savings (not counting your free initial consultation).

Are we worth it?


We save our clients an average of 125 hours each year. Time you could spend taking better care of your customers…or enjoying the fruits of your hard work.


Running a small business can be a challenge. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.


Let us worry about your financial records and taxes. Focus on meeting your client’s needs…while we focus on meeting yours.


It’s time to turn your small business from a nightmare back into your dream.

Shandra Branch

Managing Partner

T2 Bookkeeping and Tax Service

P.S. The COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t keep you from your small business dream. We offer 100% secure remote services for everything from document transfer and storage to bookkeeping services and tax preparation.